From 2013 to 2021 Kim was the Design Director for the multi-award-winning Peninsula Hot Springs.
Peninsula Hot Springs
Spa Dreaming Centre
First opened in 2005, this was the original bathing facility at Peninsula Hot Springs.
Amphitheatre Changerooms
Rammed earth pavilions creating a new benchmark in public amenity design
Bathing Experiences
A meandering journey of communal bathing and relaxation experiences drawing inspiration from global bathing culture.
Pop Up Retail Store
Transformation of an old music venue into a regional wellness and activity hub - a staged delivery beginning with this pop-up retail shop.
Coffee Hut
An arrival courtyard and coffee hut designed to integrate with the surrounding architecture, offering rest and refreshment to those transitioning on their journey.
Treatment Rooms
Moroccan and Arabian themed relaxation and treatment rooms. A complete interior update to one of the earliest treatment facilities on the property, adding layers, textures and all important acoustic separation between each treatment room.
A well-designed uniform that aligns with your brand story can unite your team and fulfil the inherent human need to belong.
Marie Stopes Australia
Originally a homestead and stables, the buildings at Hummingbird Eco had solid structures - timber rafters, angled ceilings and Colonial casement windows.

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amphitheatre changerooms_wayfinding_timber textures_natural finishes

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Peninsula Hot Springs_outdoor bathing_resort experience

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spa dreaming centre_green limewash walls_joinery

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amphitheatre changerooms_stone vanity_organic textures

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amphitheatre changerooms_changeroom design_natural patina

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glamping_getaway_accommodation_green walls

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Peninsula Hot Springs_glamping_textured green rug

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Wellness Centre_outdoor entrance design_timber slats

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amphitheatre changerooms_earth tones_natural stone

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spa dreaming centre_curved ceiling_limewash paint

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Spa Dreaming Centre_hospitality interior design_curved metal shelves

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Peninsula Hot Springs_outdoor natural baths

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spa dreaming centre_restaurant design_dining experience

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treatment rooms_green throw rug_textile textures

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treatment rooms_timber joinery_custom shelving

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pop up retail store_limewash_commercial design

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pop up retail store_changeroom design_arch

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pop up retail store_commercial shelf design

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coffee hut_batten detail_metallic finishes

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bathing experiences_outdoor baths_stone wall

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wellness centre_green tiles_curved wall

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outdoor hanging daybed_sunbed

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bathing experience_outdoor shower_timber slats

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Amphitheater changerooms_stone basin_copper tap